Ad. Tariff

Advertisement Tariff for Punjabi Screen Magazine

Tittle Full Page (T1)                                                                                      Rs. 75,000/-

Tittle Page (T1)  Bottom Strip  1.5″ x 8.5 ” Inch                                      Rs. 20,000/-

Tittle Inner (T2)                                                                                             Rs. 25,000/-

Opening Page No. 3                                                                                      Rs. 25,000/-

Center Spread Page No. 26-27 (Combined)                                            Rs. 35,000/-

Closing Page No. 50                                                                                      Rs. 20,000/-

Title Back Inner (T3)                                                                                    Rs. 20,000/-

Title Back Page (T4)                                                                                      Rs. 40,000/-

Back Inner Page & Opposite Full Page                                                      Rs. 17, 000/-

Any other Full Page                                                                                       Rs. 15,000/-

Half Page                                                                                                          Rs. 8,000/-

Any Single Bottom Strip on any Page from 4th to 49th                        Rs.  2,000/-

(Strip Size 1.5″x 8.5″Inch.)


For Three Months-  5%        For Six Months-10%        For One Year-15%


Advertisement Tariff for  DIGITAL PROMOTION

CHARGES FOR 30 DAYS Rs.30000/-

INCLUDES Boost Based Promotion Like Making & Posting News /Articles / Interviews / Sharing Songs & Trailer Links / Posters/ Shoot Pics / Every Content related to Movie will be publicized through our sources. In addition of above we also publish news /articles / interviews etc. in our Monthly Print Magazine Punjabi Screen.

OUR PROMOTION SORUCES:- Web Portals / / FB Pages Punjabi Screen Magazine / Punjabi Movies / Gane Shane / Shaan Films & Productions/Small Screen Magazine / Creator Audio Video / Lyricist Daljit Arora / Punjabi Screen Awards / Punjabi Screen Casting & Promotion / Weekly E-Papers  Punjabi Screen & Small Screen Sunday Spl.  / YouTube Punjabi Screen Entertainment.

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