Haryanvi Song ‘Tere Bargi’ Releases on Youtube

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Gone are the days when Haryanvi songs only portrayed villages, cheesy dance moves and repeated music. With the advent of modern entertainment houses like Saga Music and exceptional talents, Haryanvi songs have paved its way in the contemporary zone. Unlike others, Saga has been gaining ground and winning laurels in the music industry with its pragmatic approach and providing freshness to the audience.

After the gigantic success of “Motto” & “Wish”, in accordance with Saga, Diler Kharkiya is about to add a new feather in his cap with a new sparkling number Tere Bargi. The song is of a bouncy-rom genre with peppy dance steps. No matter whether you speak the dialect or not, the melody of the track will take your soul to a whole new level with an impulse to dance. Tere Bargi depicts a story of a young and charming boy wooing the love of his life with the help of his brother/friend. All the tantrums and elegancy have been perfectly picturised in the song. The song is very playful in nature, gives out a funny vibe to the audiences which makes it a pleasant visual treat exploding with vibrant colours, and groovy dance moves. The song’s music is foot tapping and shoulder bouncing in nature, and makes one instantly groove to its signature tune. Diler Kharkiya, being a regional artist, has never fall short from impressing his fans, and has been enthusiastically experimenting new and distinct stuff with Haryanvi Music.

Shot in the fatally freezing temperature of -25 degrees in Moscow amidst the pandemic, the voyage of Tere Bargi was itself a herculean task. The ambience and circumstances were ferocious that even the lead singer, Diler couldn’t handle it, almost got frost bites. No sooner after this incident than Anjali enervated. The song was shot at Dream Island Amusement Park in Moscow, making it the only Haryanvi song to be shot overseas. Anjali Arora, a sensational Instagram Icon, is the one being wooed by the lead singer Diler Kharkiya in this track.

When asked about the perseverance of the team, the producer and CEO of Saga, Sd. Sumeet Singh commented, “My whole team, the artists, local crew… I mean everyone involved in the process making left no stone unturned to get the song completed on schedule. Kudos to the team for carrying out such an uphill task with such an ease”.

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