Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Punjabi ends on a sweet note

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SA RE GA MA PA, the Hindi musical show which rocked the nation two decades ago has won over every Punjab’s heart in its mailed edition at Zee Punjabi. The Punjabi version of this reality show concluded on 15th August with the grand finale in the form of a larger-than-life platform where the top contestants hypnotized the audience with the melodious voice and renditions. The show was judged by stalwarts of Punjabi Film & Music industry namely Richa Sharma, Sonu kakkar and famous Music Director Jaidev Kumar.

The top six contestants who reached the grand finale were Sur Sagar, Shubham Lodhi, Mehak Bhamotra, Mann Sagar, Rahul Rustom and Mamta Bharadvaj. The competition was very tough for the final round contestants. Sur Sagar won the competition followed by Shubham Lodhi at second place and Mehak Bamotra at close third. Sur Sagar hails from Nawan Shehar and comes from a strong musical background has received the mentoring of his father who is a devotional singer. Sur Sagar is married but his wife lives in Canada who has been cheering for him from overseas.

Shubham Lodhi from Phillaur has been a surprise ever since the beginning of the show. Simply because he comes from a family where most of the male members are bouncers! Interestingly, he was also a bouncer but his strong and sturdy looks pale in comparison to his hold on the music and melody. Mehak Bamotra, the third position holder hails from Gurdaspur. The girl has shown impeccable commitment to music; she came for auditions even while she was grieving for her father’s loss who was the pillar of strength for her. In the audition episode, Gurdas Maan told her that her father is watching her perform here through his eyes. Since then, Gurdas Maan has mentored her like his daughter. He even sent her a food luck gift to her for the grand finale which was given to her post her performance.

Mamta Bharadwaj, another melodious singer ranked fourth while Mann Sagar & Rahul Rustom shared the fifth place as a tie. Judge Jaidev Kumar was all praises for the enthusiasm and passionate performances of all the contestants. “The show has created an unmatched legacy in its very first season on Zee Punjabi. Punjabi music is popular all across the world and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa garnered attention and love of worldwide audience. I congratulate the winners and look forward to seeing them enriching the Punjabi music with their melodies.”

The mentor of the show, Gurdas Maan said, “A heartedly congratulations to the winner Sur Sagar, and all the top contestants Shubham Lodhi, Mehak Bhambotra. I want to congratulate their parents who brought them up, their mentors who taught them so well and a very big congratulations to Zee Punjabi who took this beautiful initiative and the viewers and all the people out there who love their language, Poets who made this possible. I wish everyone all the happiness, health and prosperity. Above all, I wish Zee punjabi all the cheers who made this show and I wish they will continue to providing people with the platform they need  and I hope they will come with such concepts soon.

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