The 1 Trend You’re Afraid to Try Is Actually Easy to Master

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There’s still a part of us that tenses up every time we hear the term “women’s suit.” Dark, ill-fitting, and — ugh — even skirted options immediately come to mind, and while Hillary Clinton has managed to make the structured set work for her, we were unsure if we could ever pull it off.

But when we noticed a ton of cool, colorful options popping up on the red carpet, at Fashion Week, and on Instagram, we began to reconsider. With all this inspiration in our reach, the idea of wearing one started to seem a lot less daunting — and a lot less stuffy, too.

Scroll through for a few ideas on how to give the pantsuit a fashion-forward twist, and then check out other work-appropriate ensembles inspired by the fashion crowd.

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Comments & Suggestions

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